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The course notes are currently majoring on chance, which is a coincidence as I found something really relevant to my project at a quilting exhibition at Rheged last weekend (Anon, 2017).

The exhibition itself featured a range of quilted artworks by local, national and international quilters, in a wide range of styles from fairly traditional quilts to artworks which’simply’ use quilting as their medium..

One work which particularly caught my eye was ‘Then and Now’ by Hungarian  artist Eszter Bornemisza. (Bornemisza, 2017)

The work, a triptych, is completed in her characteristic palette of rusty browns, sands and gold and consists of layers of newspapers, text and hand sketches collaged using quilting techniques onto fabric sheets. For those with an interest in the techniques, there are closeups of this and other works on her website.

There are snippets of maps overlaid on other maps and the whole represents the development over time of her home town of Budapest.

According to the catalog of her work I bought on the day she sees her work as a sort of inverse archaeology (my words not hers). Where an archaeologist uncovers layers to reveal the passage of time, she adds layers to express similar ideas.

In the context of the layers of history beneath my feet when I’m standing on an old blast furnace site , straight photography suddenly seems very one-dimensional and I wonder about the potential for layering images either virtually, in book form, or actually, by cutting and sticking.

Something to discuss with my tutor after I eventually submit my next assignment.

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